noviembre 2012 - Síndrome Dolor Pélvico Crónico | Síndrome Dolor Pélvico Crónico

Vulvodinia doc anglès

Vulvodynia is a complex multifactorial syndrome. The objective of this review is to clarify and update vulvar pain syndromes, their classification, etiology, diagnosis and the different therapeutic approaches. It also aims at serving as a guideline to assist professionals involved in the improvement of the quality of life of women suffering from it. Vulvodynia is defined as a chronic vulvar...
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Pelvi-perineologie adénomyose

L’adènomyose est une cause fréquentede douleur pelvienne chronique chez la femme. De 2001 á 2008, chez 270 patientes, ce syndrome de douleur pelvienne chronique a été rattaché á une adénomyose utérine par l’utilisation de critéres et d’un score diagnostique. Descargar el...
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Myofascial pain syndrome in the pelvic floor

Myofascial pain syndrome in the pelvic floor is a common condition, originally described by Drs Janet Travell and David Simons, involving the musculoskeletal system; there is a high percentage of misdiagnosis and a high failure rate of medical interventions and, therefore, of frustrated specialists and patients. The etiology includes urologic, gynecologic, gastrointestinal, proctologic,...
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